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What's Next : Africa 2018 ! Thank You !

April Updates !


The Year Of The Endless Possibilities and Faith !

Welcome to Awesome #April   !!! -   )
National Poetry Month
International Pink Month (Wear Something Pink any day of this Month) Amazing.

April 14th,   2019    -  Palm Sunday

April 19th, 2019      -  Good Friday

April 20th, 2019      - Beginning of Passover

April 27th, 2019     -  Passover Ends

April 28th, 2019     -  Orthodox Easter


Always Looking For Vendors !


What Next : Our 9th Annual Socks Drive !


Special Thank You to all that took the time to Care.  

Be apart of the Celebration for Good Cheer.  This Year we are Introducing our New Component to our Socks Drive.

By Request people have been Saying that they would just prefer to give the Money and someone else do the shopping.

So here it is our #B8B 

This stands for #Blue8Bag 

This is the bag that houses the items that takes them to their desired destination.
eg. You could purchase a sleeping bag or supply the money to buy one or many . . .
and we will see those on the immediate streets get a sleeping bag First.

So you can write a card on it with your desired center or Specifics and we will connect with you for further details.

So instead of a V8 - Get a B8(or both) in support of homelessness !

Giving them back their sense of Pride and Dignity by providing some of the basic needs

Please look out for more information to come or you can email at abeenasamm@hotmail.com

"Pop Up2This" 1 #NewTestament In The MarketPlace


On Behalf of Abeena Samm and "Recognize Your Face" MarketPlace Ministry - Thank You !
Our Mission Is to Heal, Educate and Redirect.

We will recognize that our fight is Not with Each other but with Oneself to Overcome Restrictions and Limitations

Redirect you back to Your Oneself - Your "Mirror Mirror" Speaking of which, did you grab your Copy as yet ? . . .

We Redirect you to the God that lives "Within" . . . #InsideOfUs !

www.recognizeyourface.com #PopUp2This 1 !

Lets make the Connection'


Hi There, we've recently learned that some people are unable to connect with us on our Social Media(s) and our Telephone (we are in Service) . . .
Please Let us know a.s.a.p if you are not able to "Like" "Comment", join or follow on Twitter...

We want to make sure that the disconnect is not a problem for you on our end, so please take the time to let us know...

Greatly appreciated...")

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