"Recognize Your Face" marketplace ministry

One of our topics in 2013 were...


Freedom is God - Most High of All Highs !
Freedom is being you
Freedom has allowed me to do many things I wouldn't normally do
Freedom is Spirit in Action(or Still)
Freedom to Bloom' where you have been Planted
Freedom is a sigh of Relief
"Freedom is Something Breaking"
We can walk around, and we can go here and there, but until we remove the Mental Blocks! How can we say we are Free!"
Freedom to construct your own identity to worship your own God To practice your Own Sexuality To Pursue your Own interest
Freedom is the simplicity of just walking through the Forest and Saying "Thank You God for all you have Done"
Freedom is Expression'
Freedom is Music' and Music is Love
Freedom is a Dancer
I have Three little ones, and sun down is Freedom to me..
"Freedom can’t wait" - Malcolm X post
Freedom is A Heartbeat
The Wind is the Free est thing I know..You just can't See it!
The feeling of freedom comes from with in when you feel at peace in your heart because of the choices you made !
Freedom to be where you want, when you want, with whom you want

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