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Blog A Month - What is Happiness ... ?


connected to the Most High 24/7
Happiest when traveling
rising with Sun
having bible studies with friends
coffee and a donut
Having good health and being Alive to enjoy it
Give me a beer and good food and I am fine
Waking up in the Morning and knowing that I have a Job to go to ...
art & social justice, design, social change!"
what makes me happy- peace.
I'm passionate about being Creighton n helping others
achieving my goals makes me happy cuz I feel accomplished, that and shopping ...
Keep your feet on the Floor and keep reaching for the stars ...
Having a lifestyle which is stress free and my distant girlfriend makes me very happy.
Trying to find it, that is the purpose of my journey to seek the Highest Power. I'm still searching I will let you know when I find it. A feeling of Peace within no matter what kind of Day it is ...

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